Mabey & Johnson serves Africa, Asia, and Latin America for Bridging systems. The company designs and manufactures a range of pre-fabricated modular steel bridges. In excess of 90% of the company's production is exported to over 115 countries as a permanent, versatile means of opening up even the most remote region, or for the immediate provision of emergency bridging. Mabey & Johnson is the largest supplier of panel bridging systems in the world.

The type of bridges manufactures and supply by CT- ONE are:
Can be configured with 3.15m, 4.2m and 7.35m road widths. The standard components of the Compact system can be assembled in a wide variety of configurations. Pipeline bridges, footbridges, floating bridges and bridges with 1 or 2 footwalks can be configured, using the same modular system.
Mabey Delta is a modular truss design bridge with spans of between 45m and 81m. Mabey Delta has been fully pre-engineered and tested to construct a permanent truss bridge on a main thoroughfare.

The specification options to you are wide ranging, the bridge can take a variety of different loadings, and can be configured with roadway widths of 4m for a single lane to 15m as a four lane bridge
Mabey Universal is supplied to road authorities or contractors as a product for stock, resale or for hire equipment. On construction sites, the Mabey Universal system can provide access for heavy construction traffic.

The Mabey Universal Bridging system has proved successful in a wide variety of applications. Its heavy-duty modular design provides a unique combination of strength and versatility. It has been designed to have excellent fatigue resistance, which makes the Mabey Universal system ideal as a long-term solution for heavily trafficked roads.
Mabey & Johnson are able to propose a wider offering on major projects. Solutions using standard or purpose designed Plate Web girder bridges provide rapid erection highway bridges and flyovers with full highway alignments, curvature in both plan and elevation, in any span configuration.

Bridges can be constructed either with a traditional concrete deck or by using the proprietary Mabey deck provided in modular form with factory applied anti-skid surfacing, or full width combined with asphalt to the roadway and concrete to the footways and verges.
Military Bridge & Floating Bridge - All types of vehicles including civilian vehicles with low ground clearances are accommodated. The bridge is widely used throughout Iraq by US Army Engineers and US Marine Seabee Engineers in fixed and floating configurations. In service with the Spanish Army>> and the British Army>> since 2001, the LSB has replaced ageing stocks of Bailey Bridging>> and Heavy Girder Bridge. The system is capable of carrying loads to MLC80 Tracked and MLC110 Wheeled and is designed to be left in situ as a semi-permanent bridge. To fulfill this requirement the LSB requires only minimal maintenance.

A pre-engineered range - Capable of meeting a wide variety of needs:

  • Clear spans of up to 80m

  • One or two lanes or more

  • Easy to transport

  • Quick and simple to erect

  • Modular pre-engineered design

  • Used to maintain traffic flows in major cities, provide general site access, restore vital lifelines in disaster-stricken areas, provide new bridges in rural areas and secure military supply routes.
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